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It is not often that we talk product specifics on our blog but we believe our partner 1E has scored a slam dunk with their new product Tachyon so we are going all in.  Having seen the product first hand and in action, we believe this could be a game changer for the IT department.  The real challenge is getting your head around it!

What is Tachyon?

Firstly, let’s examine what “a tachyon” is?  By definition, a tachyon is a hypothetical particle that travels faster than light. So by analogy you would expect that whatever Tachyon does, it does it pretty quickly.  And herein lies the value. Tachyon allows you to query all of your endpoints, be they servers, desktop or mobiles and get answers to questions back in real time, within seconds.  Once you know the answer to your question, you can then use Tachyon to remediate your endpoint if required; again in seconds.

Does speed really matter?

Well in most instances yes it does, and in a digital world, speed is everything.  Unfortunately traditional systems management tools have not kept up with the speed of doing business.  If you want to identify and fix a problem with traditional tools, they are not designed for speed.  For instance, if you had a specific threat on your network, how long would it take you to understand which devices were affected and which needed remediation?  I can tell you that the answer is days or weeks.

To resolve, what you need to do is query your existing tooling which will only show cached data from your devices by design.  This means that even if you get an answer back, how much can you rely on it?  What if the threat only occurred after the last data was collected on your client?  “Houston, we still have a problem”.  And once you know where the problem is, it will take time to remediate, during which time any devices that are not remediated still pose a threat.

In the internet of things you need to be always on, agile and responsive.

The game changer

Tachyon turns systems management on its head.  In the Tachyon world, your devices are always “connected” to Tachyon.  In a similar way to how your mobile device is always connected to the network.  Just as your mobile is always available to receive texts or calls, so a device running a Tachyon agent is always available to receive instructions from Tachyon, be that a question or an action.

The best way to think about Tachyon is as a Google for your IT infrastructure.  The only difference is that on the Internet, data is typically cached on DNS servers or CDN providers so the answer you get back may not be the most current information.  In the Tachyon world it always is!  There is no caching of data.  If the device is on, you will get an answer back within seconds and the answer will be current as the device answers with each request.  Even better, if you deploy with edge servers you can even get answers back from devices not on your network.

Tachyon is also completely extensible and technology agnostic, so you can run it everywhere across everything.  You can also build on the core infrastructure yourself and design the questions and actions that are important for your business.

Once you get your head around it, the power of Tachyon is light years ahead of anything else on the market today.

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