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The 1E Platform transforms endpoint service delivery

Systems management and security solutions respond, at best, in minutes to even basic instructions.  More often it may be days before you get the answer you need. For more complex and distributed environments the challenge becomes ever increasing.  The 1E Platform cuts through all the complexity and distractions giving support and help desk staff instant visibility of change, issues and impacts on the end user and endpoint experience.

Some key elements that The 1E Platform can drive value today in your business

Preventative Remediation

The Platform’s endpoint automation feature ensures that even the most complex baselines can be easily created and applied so they react in real-time (without the need to wait for polling cycles) and stop issues before they become serious problems. If you want to heal a machine before it becomes slow and problematic to the employee, then we have the answer.

Task Automation for ServiceNow

1E automates even the most complex remediations wherever the employee is located. Using ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent to communicate intelligently with the employee, 1E’s Real-Time Platform will immediately fix the issue. For problems which require more drastic action, like rebuilding a Windows PC, 1E has the only solution available that the service desk can initiate and the employee can self-serve from anywhere while being guided by an intelligent agent.

Support the CIO

Are you waiting for days to get answers to your queries?  Do you struggle with getting real time information on what is happening in your environment

End User Computing

Too many tools and still struggling with Windows servicing?  The 1E Platform helps supercharge Windows 10 deployments in conjunction with WSS.

IT Service Management

Make massive productivity gains from your ITSM tools like service now by orchestrating complex remediations within your service desk environment.


Do you need an integrated solution that ensures you only pay for the software you need?  Real time information around both on prem and SAAS is an absolute must

Task Worke

The 1E Platform is the “do anything” task automation tool.  Some client use cases:

  • Privileged Access On Demand
  • Discovery and Inventory (software, processes, files etc)
  • Real time investigation and remediation
  • Endpoint performance perception
  • Patch Management
  • Automated Phishing Response
  • Software blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Data Security (Find POPI data in unstructured data)
  • Baseline configuration assurance
  • Agent replacement

Automating repetitive IT operational processes and self healing frees up resource to do more with less

pc power management

Endpoint Troubleshooting

The Platform’s Endpoint Troubleshooting is like the Google for querying your end point infrastructure.  Query devices for a myriad of information and get answers back in real time directly from the device.  Once you have determined a root cause, remediate at scale in a matter of seconds.

Endpoint Automation

1E ensures you are always in control of the configuration of all endpoints. The lightweight nature of the 1E agent enables hundreds of configurations to be managed without performance issues. Unlike Group Policy, the rules automatically show whether configurations are having to be enforced and whether they have become redundant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we consolidate our IT toolsets?

Never waste a business moment again. 1E’s Tachyon is a Real-Time Platform, which ensures instructions are performed instantly across one or millions of endpoints simultaneously.

1E’s intelligent agent requires only a single packet exchange for most IT operations, which means you can query and control all your endpoints with immediate results and without any performance concerns.

Tachyon scales to millions of endpoints and runs natively on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Android, IoT and more.

How can we make further productivity gains with our ServiceNow investment?

The 1E Platform enables real-time investigation and task automation at all levels of IT. Its deep intelligence only requires a single packet exchange for most queries or actions. A performance issue, for example, does not require remote access and senior technicians need only fix the issue once before making the fix available for the employee to self-serve or a junior technician to safely deploy without the need for admin privileges. In many cases, a new baseline can be created so the problem never occurs again.

All this functionality is available through ServiceNow for end-to-end workflow and task automation. The result is significant productivity gains across all levels of IT.

How can I improve my end user experience with the 1E Platform?

1E’s Real-Time Platform, augments all levels of IT. 1E enables employees to self-serve any request, even a complete PC rebuild or replacement, and empowers IT to resolve incidents across the organization interactively and immediately. These resolutions are then encapsulated as new functionality so they can be safely deployed by lower-level technicians or as self-service. New baselines can also be created to automate configuration drift management.

Give employees the mobile-like experience they expect.

How can my helpdesk respond at the speed of business?

1E’s Real-Time Platform, is designed to make automation easy, even in large and complex organizations.

Technicians can interactively investigate, develop and test fixes across all endpoints, getting results immediately to confirm success and move on to the next issue. They can then empower lower-level technicians to implement the fix, enable employees to self-serve, or even create an automated remediation so no other employee experiences the same issue.

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