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Simplify your SCCM design and deliver content anywhere with zero impact on your business traffic

1E’s industry-leading solution delivers SCCM content and PXE services across any constrained bandwidth link without the need for remote branch server infrastructure.  Together with serverless peer backup technology this dramatically accelerates your migration  to Windows 10 with zero touch deployments.

Find out why large enterprises worldwide are choosing 1E Content Distribution for enhanced content distribution and a simplified SCCM design


Content Distribution

Your environment is complex, your network is constantly changing and you never want to interrupt the business or users. You need to get your content wherever it is needed without worry and without impacting your business traffic.


MS Configuration Manager is a tool which can do anything on all of your managed endpoints, so you need to worry about security. You need design and implementation that is driven by a focus on safeguarding your environments.


Becoming digital means your IT has to deliver faster, more efficiently and with more agility. This requires automation to ensure that you deliver your IT in a repeatable process, again and again.

Remote Working Challenges

Simplified SCCM Design

1E Content Distribution delivers transformative IT cost optimization by eliminating the need for 95%+ of servers and eliminating the need for site-specific distribution points. The solution also dramatically decreases the cost of distributing system management content, from software and patches to full Windows migration images.

Remove all of your remote branch server infrastructure and reduce your systems management support costs

Bandwidth optimisation

With 1E Content Distribution, systems management can extend easily across locations, while the solution’s intelligent bandwidth throttling ensures that traffic is never compromised. Overall, Content Distribution provides the best way for your IT department to manage enterprise software deployments and distribution.

Server reduction

With 1E Content Distribution you can reduce up to 95% of your remote and branch systems management infrastructure.  This reduces your costs significantly and simplifies the management of your SCCM environment.

Reclaim is actually the “killer-app”

I recall a conversation many years ago with Sumir Karayi, the then CEO of 1E.  AppClarity, 1E’s SAM solution had just been released and we were chatting around what I thought of the product.  In that conversation I recall telling Sumir that I thought AppClarity was...

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Automating your Windows 10 migration

1E’s approach is a Windows 10 Migration is to provide zero-touch (100% automated) migration to 90% of the PCs within your organisation. Total automation of the migration process means a desk side visit is not required in the majority of cases and many more machines can be migrated at the same time.

WannaCry Ransomware – Do you want to make decisions based on risk or value?

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What happened to Green IT? Did it disappear off the radar?

Every company needs a Green IT agenda but the reality is that the agenda needs to be redefined into a broader sustainable IT agenda, focusing above all on IT efficiencies across the organisation.

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