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Click here for a free assessment of your license usage and potential savings and risk.Sustainable computing has long focused on energy waste and efficiency but what about the millions of Rands in software licenses that are purchased but never actually used?  AppClarity is uniquely focused on this license waste, not only identifying it in terms of traditional software asset management but also giving you the ability to reclaim and hence reduce your license liability.  It is a simple, intuitive and can be implemented extremely quickly.

AppClarity is not your typical Software Asset Management tool

A software asset management tool (SAM) provides end to end life-cycle management of your software assets, essentially from procurement, through to license allocation, maintenance as well as wind down.

From a license compliance perspective these tools will identify what is deployed in your estate and hence what your license liability is. Sounds great and you tick the box from a vendor compliance perspective but what if you are not actually using the software?  Are you licensing something merely for the sake of compliance that actually provides no business value?

Software asset management tools are often complex implementations that take months to set up and the ‘business value’ that you receive at the end of the day is a report telling you that you need to pay more money to your software vendors.  Sound familiar.

What does AppClarity do?

AppClarity is designed to uniquely highlight software that is not being used.  It reports on this financial waste and also allows you to reclaim licenses with reclaimer technology.  AppClarity analyses all the applications deployed in your environment across all of our deployed PC’s, more effectively and quicker than traditional software asset management tools.  It does this with zero impact on your existing infrastructure and is an agentless solution.  All we need is Microsoft SCCM deployed in your environment, nothing more, nothing less.

The organisational benefits of AppClarity are very simple:

  • Licenses can be reused where they are needed, avoiding expenditure wasted on buying new licenses
  • Top level view on deployed software & actual license use
  • License compliance is much simpler
  • Savings are often achieved within one month

In conclusion, gone are the days of clunky software asset management tools.  AppClarity is simple to use and hence it is used by our customers who get real value instantly.  It does not require months of configuration, rather presents business data that can be rapidly understood and actioned in a matter of days from project kick off.  AppClarity provides real business value, really quickly!

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