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1E WakeUp which is part of NightWatchman ensures that all PCs targeted for software distribution are turned on and ready to receive it, reducing the chance that a PC will miss a vital patch. Because you can guarantee that each PC will be available when it is needed, the total power consumption of the enterprise will be reduced (as PCs can be powered off when not in use).

The software uses a combination of standard ‘Magic Packets’ and an agent service to enable Wake-On-LAN to function over networks which do not support directed subnet broadcasts.

Although 1E WakeUp can only be used to turn PCs on, it can be used in conjunction with another 1E product, NightWatchman, to turn off PCs. NightWatchman can turn off PCs on demand, or according to a schedule, thereby reducing power consumption. It also saves any open documents thereby ensuring that no data is lost during the shutdown.

1E WakeUp and NightWatchman can be purchased together as a cost effective power management and software updating solution – the Power & Patch Management Pack.


  • Dramatically improves user productivity by ensuring every user has a healthy, well performing PC
  • Proactively checks PCs, identifying issues and automatically remedying them
  • Dramatically reduces downtime and guarantees 100% patch deployment success
  • Supports almost instant delivery of software and patches across an entire network
  • Integrates seamlessly with NightWatchman to deliver round the clock PC power and patch management
  • The most scalable solution available today; we have several customers with over 300,000 licences
  • The only solution of its type to achieve Common Criteria for IT Security (CC) Assurance
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