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NightWatchman provides a solution that allows you to save energy immediately.  In organisations that leave PC’s on 24×7 for management purposes, a significant amount of energy is wasted overnight.  To illustrate this, a PC and monitor in idle state are using between 80w and 200w depending on the technology in use.  This is equivalent to between 2 and 5 lightbulbs. With energy saving now at a premium, NightWatchman assists organisations with automatically powering down this infrastructure when not required.

How are energy savings achieved?

NightWatchman provides centralised, reliable and secure shutdown and wakeups of workstations automatically. This saves as much as R250 per annum per PC on energy costs.  Over and above this, the solution comes out of the box with a full reporting pack that allows you to track energy, co2 emissions and costs within your organisation.

Features of the product include:

  • Powers down or logs off PCs across an enterprise
  • Protects unsaved user data prior to shutdown
  • Wake on lan with no network changes required
  • Produces reports to calculate current and potential future energy savings
  • Controls PC Power Scheme settings
  • Schedules daily, immediate or once off shutdowns
  • Controllable with any systems management tooling as well as through its own console
  • Energy, cost and co2 emissions reporting
  • Product performance reporting

Improving IT operations

NightWatchman actually enhances the IT operations of an organisation.   By being able to power manage devices, NightWatchman ensures that devices are available for patching and by regularly powering down workstations, administrators can ensure that important security patches are applied.

Energy saving

Based on implementations locally, companies have achieved energy savings of as much as 1kWh per day which over 100’s or 1000’s of devices adds up to significant cost and energy savings.
If you have been tasked to save energy in your organisation, NightWatchman provides a quick win as it can be rapidly deployed and savings can start to accrue immediately.  The solution is recognised by Microsoft as being best of breed in is class.
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