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With green IT proving its mettle in providing unrivalled and hard-to-overlook energy and cost benefits, the proliferation of sustainable IT practices are becoming more apparent and getting more focus on the CIO’s agenda.

Global Industry Analysts recently released a report on the global Green IT Services market indicating that Green IT services are expected to reach US$5.01 billion by 2015. This projected growth in the market will be primarily driven by factors such as greater focus on data center optimization, widespread adoption of Green IT initiatives beyond the data center, as well as the development and implementation of new green management software technologies, amongst others.

Growth in the Green IT services market has traditionally been focused on achieving data center energy efficiency. Initially driven by regulatory pressures and increasing costs, data center efficiency has been the starting point and the focus area of many green IT initiatives worldwide. With compelling economic and environmental benefits seeping in however, data centers are being ‘painted green’ under the banner of environmental sustainability, which is rapidly emerging into a business friendly and marketable concept. With the downward pressure exerted on businesses to become energy efficient, data centers have witnessed a slew of green deployments in the recent past such as virtualisation and HVAV optimisation. In the upcoming years, green IT initiatives are poised to spread beyond the data center to other areas within the enterprise i.e. distributed computing, networking, mobile, supply chain, manufacturing, and other operational processes.

Local company sustainableIT is specifically referenced in the report as a key player in the global market, alongside the likes of Accenture, BT Global Services, Deloitte, HP, IBM, Dell, CSC and Tata, amongst others. “As pioneers in this space, it is nice to get some recognition from industry analysts around the work we are doing in this segment”, explains local sustainableIT CEO, Tim James.

James agrees with the findings of the report that the segment is starting to move beyond the data centre from a services perspective.  “More and more companies are starting to engage us on their end to end strategy around IT sustainability”, he explains.  “The delivery of ICT services can no longer focus purely on processing capacity and performance.  Energy efficiency, environmental scorecards and financial return on investment are all key in the low carbon economy that we are moving towards”, James concludes.

The report titled “Green It Services: A Global Strategic Business Report” published by Global Industry Analysts, provides a review of industry, technology overview, technology introductions, and profiles of major players, including sustainableIT and provides and analyses world market data in this segment.

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