NightWatchman Enterprise

PC Power Management Software and wake on lan

Leaving an average PC and CRT monitor constantly switched on, perhaps for convenience or IT administration purposes, conservatively consumes 750kWh per year.  This costs in excess of R480 per annum in energy bills to run. The energy use also equates to about 772kg of CO2 over the same period of time. 1E NightWatchman, the market leading PC power management software enables companies to save more than R250 per PC per year and reduce emissions at the same time. In fact, pc power management is the low hanging fruit in green it initiatives.  In an office environment of 1000 PCs, annual energy savings are in excess of R250,000 and more if the offices are air-conditioned. This cost effective solution provides a quick win in energy savings initiatives and typically provides a payback period of around 9 months.

PC Power Management in the form of 1E’s NightWatchman Enterprise consists of the following:


NightWatchman shuts machines down and supports the following features:

  • Powers down or logs off PCs across an enterprise
  • Protects unsaved user data before shutdown
  • Produces reports to calculate current and potential savings
  • Controls PC Power Scheme settings
  • Schedules daily, immediate or once off shutdowns
  • Integrates with any system management tool
  • Energy, cost and co2 emissions reporting

PC Power Management

1E WakeUP

1E WakeUp enables Wake-On-LAN on any networks. The solution uses an intelligent agent to avoid relaxing network security and can be implemented with zero network changes.  The agent also report on successes or failures and is completely dynamic. This means you have no additional end points to manage.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Reduces cost of software & patch deployments by ensure that machines are available when required
  • 1E Web WakeUp allows users to power up their office PC remotely
  • Integrates with Configuration Manager 2012 and 1511
  • Minimizes network impact by using staggered distributions
  • Configurable for any type of network including where subnet-directed broadcasts are disabled
Now in its seventh generation, NightWatchman Enterprise is the leading PC power management solution available on the market.

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