sustainableIT’s consulting services deliver a programme of sustainable computing based on market leading expertise and experience.  The process moves from measurement and analysis throught to transformation of the IT service for those organisations seeking to embrace a green IT strategy.

Our engagement process around a sustainable IT strategy is a cyclical process and takes organisations through the following lifecycle steps:

1. Baseline Assessment

It is critical in any green IT strategy to establish a baseline before embarking upon any projects to reduce energy and/or CO2 emissions.  The most important reason for doing this is to ensure that financial and social benefit can be both measured and delivered back to the business.  sustainableIT works with our customers to ensure that the correct metrics are in place to establish a valid baseline which we use as a platform from which to embark.

2. Evaluate reduction opportunities

Every organisation is unique and the level and proliferation of information technology differs by industry.  Once a baseline assessment is complete, our consultants work with both the internal IT department and business stakeholders to assess opportunities to lessen the environmental impact of operations.  During this phase of the lifecycle, projects are assessed in terms of impact, cost and business value and a high level roadmap is established.

3. Targets and Goals

Every green IT strategy relies on both a vision and clearly articulated set of goals.  sustainableIT have established a wealth of intellectual capital that helps organisations map out and establish a verifiable and achievable roadmap to establish a sustainable IT service.  This set of targets and goals is the measure of success for the projects that are embarked upon.

4. Develop Financial Model

Many initiatives that have a positive environmental impact have a very aggressive ROI.  However, some do not and in many instances, unless a clearly articulated business case is developed, green IT projects do not get off the ground.  sustainableIT have established templates that assist customers with the building of internal business cases and we provide a wealth of information that adds value to the process of justifying the financial benefits of green IT initiatives.

5. Technology Implementation

sustainableIT offers a core set of services that include project management, technical implementation and post implementation support on our supported technologies.  Where technology implementation does not necessarily include our own technologies, we also provide programme management skills for broader green IT initiatives.

6. Monitor,  sustain and optimise

Once implemented, it is key to establish metrics and reporting to assess benefit against the baseline established in step 1.  Green IT initiatives are an ideal opportunity to provide business with quantifiable business benefit based on real data.

Our methodology, being cyclical ensures that continuous monitoring and improvements take place and customers are engaged in addressing the right issues at the right time at each step of their green IT strategy.

Our broader lifecycle engagement approach called Carbon Insight, encompasses all of the facets of a sustainable strategy and is geared to assist clients embarking upon a low carbon or environmentally sustainable future. A solution brief can be downloaded here.


Contact us should you wish to engage us in assisting you with your green IT and sustainable business initiatives.

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