Gartner estimates that between 10 and 15%  of the total energy of a retail  rganisation  can be directly attributable to technology.  Although savings can be achieved by optimising the IT service, focus and attention should also include adopting technologies that dematerialise the business process and reduce emissions.

Direct reductions within the IT department:

Focus on the low hanging fruit first.  The lowest of these is actually the desktop and monitor infrastructure which use as much as 39% of the total energy footprint.  Powering off these PC’s automatically can create some significant savings for any organisation with 1000’s of devices.  NightWatchman, the world’s leading solution in this area can save organisations as much as R200 per desktop per annum and still ensure that patching and management occurs through its reliable and scaleable WakeUP technology.

The datacentre should be the next area of focus, accounting for around 23% of the total energy of the IT department.  Here care should be taken to ensure that the datacentre is designed efficiently with hot and cold aisles and the correct temperature and humidity controls.  A datacentre that is too cold can be a significant drain on energy which is wasted.

Further savings in the datacentre include virtualisation which can have as much as an 80% saving on energy.  Look out for emerging technologies that will place servers into lower power states, reducing significant energy overnight when servers are still running but doing no productive work.

Retail organisations often run significant branch networks and have massive constraints around bandwidth.  Nomad Enterprise allows organisations to rationalise infrastructure through the removal of branch system management servers as well as provide patch management with no impact on the network whatsoever through a world leading bandwidth throttling algorythm.

Dematerialisation and CO2 reductions

The adoption of technologies that reduce emissions by replacing material business processes with technology should be encouraged. A good example of this is videoconferencing solutions which not only reduce emissions through preventing both road and air travel but also reduce time and cost.


Our services portfolio provides a roadmap for ICT organisations to embark upon a sustainable IT strategy.  Our engagement model starts with IT Footprinter , which provides organisations with a baseline measurement of carbon emissions.  IT Analyser provides an assessment of  the IT service from procurement through to disposal of assets. Finally IT Transformer assists you with strategy planning and architecting a green IT service.

We have built up a wealth of intellectual capital in this field and offer customers a simple and painless engagement model with deliverables that are pragmatic and relevant, adding real value  and improving the environmental credentials of the organisation.