AppClarity – Immediate reduction in software costs

Software asset management is for many a grudge purchase.  Tracking and reporting software is often complex and adds very little business value, other than audit compliance and the reduction of risk.  AppClarity is a game changer in this respect.  It is a software asset management tool that offers an immediate reduction in costs by intelligently helping organizations to reduce, reclaim and recycle their software assets. AppClarity financially quantifies software waste by presenting a rationalized inventory of installed applications, license cost and where installations are unused.

AppClarity leverages your existing Microsoft SCCM investment and provides visibility of all software applications deployed without the need for any license metering rules or asset intelligence.

It allows you to rapidly find all software within the organisation.  Not only that, it identifies the waste within the organization including dormant installations and ‘shelfware’.  Unlike traditional software asset management tools, AppClarity comes with the ability to automate and reclaim unused software through the deployment of intelligent policies.

Quantify software cost

You can obtain an accurate picture of all deployed applications by filtering out irrelevant software to show just licensable assets and associated cost. Junk is filtered out for you immediately providing with a rationalised view of your organisation.

Reclaim wasted licenses

AppClarity allows you to automatically reclaim licenses from unused software to reallocate or reduce your software liability.

Report savings

software asset management

Replace the time consuming process of producing reports for vendor audits with a few clicks. Organize results by financial impact or vendor to quickly focus your compliance and negotiation efforts.

By making sense of how much of your software is really used, AppClarity allows you to make informed strategic and operational decisions, putting you in a much stronger negotiating position when renewing maintenance or purchasing additional licenses.

AppClarity does this on a continual basis, month-on-month, year-on-year.

To learn more about how AppClarity can provide your organisation with immediate and quantifiable savings, watch the short product introduction below.

Contact us to set up a free analysis of how we can add business value to your organisation immediately through the deployment of AppClarity.

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