Shopping – an enterprise app store in days rather than months

Dramatically cuts your helpdesk costs

Shopping™ delivers immediate and significant cost reductions. By providing a simple self service software portal users are empowered to locate and automatically install the software they need to do their jobs. All this is achieved without help desk intervention.

  • Save money now – Handle user requests for new applications through your own enterprise software store
  • Get up and running fast – Out-the-box integration with ConfigMgr means ultra-fast deployment
  • Cut your software license spend – Let users rent applications by installing them on-demand, using them only while they need them
  • Free your users – Users request applications using a self service software portal, installing software to the desktop in minutes
  • Launch your own software store – Customize your own enterprise software store ready to be populated with your corporate applications

  • Dramatically reduces help desk costs by cutting the number of calls your service and support teams take
  • Reduces software license costs through a software rental model, limiting use of certain applications to a period of time and allowing for automatic software and license reuse
  • Empowers self service, so users can choose the software they need, when they need it, controlling the delivery time to minimize disruption, increasing productivity and satisfaction
  • Delivers branch office administration and local control, allowing delegation of control and install on behalf of users to regional, site or departmental administrators
  • Provides better visibility and control of software licenses deployed across your organization, improving software license management
  • Integrates reporting on delivery and installation to measure success and gain a detailed understanding about software licensing and usage across the business
  • Automates authorization workflow , ensuring licensed software is accounted for and only delivered to those with approval to use it
  • Lowers help desk costs by delivering a fully configurable and automated request-to-delivery approval process, defining single approvers, approval groups or approval chains as required
  • Completely customizable, to fit your organizations look and feel, with multiple language options and an API to enable integration with third party applications

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