IT Transformer

Broadly speaking, the application of ICT within an organisation holds tremendous opportunity to transform business operations and make them more efficient.

Our IT TransformerTM service approaches efficiencies from two aspects:

In the first instance we do an in-depth analysis of the ICT service and quantify cost reductions through implementation of tooling.  The service includes documented business cases and where appropriate, the implementation of tooling to provide baseline data.

One component for example involves installing software that allows employees to track their own power consumption and that of their business unit. The idea is to motivate staff to conserve their power use and create a “competitive culture”. It also looks at ways to eliminate unnecessary equipment, improve buying habits and cut waste.

In the second instance we look at how the application of ICT can impact the reduction of emissions within business operations and external to the ICT organisation.  A holistic approach involves identification of opportunities, creating financial models, project implementation and thereafter monitoring and measurement.

It is becoming abundantly clear that the concept of “going green” is not easy and requires interlocks amongst disparate parts of an organisation to provide a holistic strategy around the triple bottom line.

The IT TransformerTM service assist ICT departments transform their service delivery to a low carbon alternative.  The approach is consultative led, and each engagement is delivered on a case by case basis to maximise value to our clients.

Contact us to establish how we can help you move towards a more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable IT service.