IT Footprinter

IT Footprinter is a unique offering from sustainableIT and provides an ICT organisation with the ability to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the ICT service that is being delivered.  It is the first step for any IT department looking to go green and embrace a sustainable IT strategy.

As we move towards a low carbon economy, the importance of IT solutions will become increasingly important in emissions quantification and reduction.  Technology holds the key to a sustainable future and ICT departments have a responsibility to show business leadership in this respect.

The major benefit of IT FootprinterTM, like any other carbon footprint, is that the quantification of emissions acts a baseline against which the benefits of future projects can be measured.

As ICT organisations come under increasing pressure to embrace sustainability, it is of critical importance to establish a baseline before embarking upon traditional energy and carbon reduction projects such as PC power management, virtualisation and datacentre optimisation.  The maxim, you cannot manage what you don’t measure hold sway.

The solution  provides a view of the ICT carbon footprint split by IT function, giving organisations a unique perspective on where to focus carbon reduction initiatives.

IT FootprinterTM is a cost effective solution and provides you with rapid insight into where energy and CO2 emissions are consumed, as well as provides a comparison against peers where applicable.

For many, embracing sustainability in a real sense is a daunting challenge and our services portfolio, starting with IT FootprinterTM is designed to assist organisations through this journey in a pragmatic and cost effective manner.

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