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AppClarity changes the value proposition when it comes to software asset management.  No longer should this kind of technology be a grudge purchase. AppClarity adds value to your business from day 1, identifying waste and giving you the ability to recover unused software.  Get ready for software audits and minimise the risk to your business around compliance.

Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM)

AppClarity is rapidly deployed, is agentless and delivers business value immediately.  AppClarity leverages your existing Microsoft SCCM investment, both 2007 and 2012 and provides visibility of all software applications deployed across the organisation immediately without the need for any license metering rules or asset intelligence enabled.  The solution leverages the metering ability of the SCCM agent and produces business actionable data through an intuitive user interface.

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Software asset management with immediate cost savings

AppClarity offers an immediate reduction in software costs by intelligently helping organizations to reduce, reclaim and recycle their software licences. AppClarity financially quantifies software waste.  It  presents a rationalized inventory of installed applications, license cost and where installations are unused.  The solution takes a fresh approach to software asset management (SAM), focusing on highlighting and eliminating waste rather than telling you what is out there and what needs to be licensed.

Depending on the amount of waste, the solution can deliver a return on investment in under three months, a significant paradigm shift to traditional software asset management tooling.

Find unused softwaresoftware asset management

Quickly find all software waste within your organization including dormant installations and ‘shelfware’.

Quantify software cost

Obtain an accurate picture of all deployed applications by filtering out irrelevant software to show only licensable assets with associated costs.

Reclaim wasted licenses

Automatically reclaim licenses from unused software to reallocate or reduce liability.

Virtual Apps

Virtual Applications are easy to deploy, but hard to spot… This represents a significant hidden license liability. Are your traditional software asset management tools leaving this liability gateway undefended? AppClarity has the ability to see those sneaky virtual apps and let you know if they are being used just the same as any physical application.

Report savings

Replace the time consuming process of producing reports for vendor audits with a few clicks. Organize results by financial impact or vendor to quickly focus your compliance and negotiation efforts.

By making sense of how much of your software is really used, AppClarity allows you to make informed strategic and operational decisions.  It puts you in a much stronger negotiating position when renewing maintenance or purchasing additional licenses from your vendors.

AppClarity does this on a continual basis, month-on-month, year-on-year.

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