Nomad 2012 (SCCM Design)

Simplify your SCCM 2012 design

Nomad 2012 enables OS releases, software applications and updates to be distributed quickly and efficiently to remote server-less branch offices and to bandwidth-challenged environments.  It eliminates the requirement for SCCM 2012 distribution points (incl 2007 R3) simplifies SCCM 2012 designs and provides extended branch cache functionality. Nomad 2012 ensures that software packages are only copied once over the WAN (Wide Area Network) and ensure there is zero impact on business traffic through a reverse quality of service algorithm. This eliminates the need for time consuming site visits or the presence of local servers at branches, delivering major cost savings for branch-oriented businesses, such as retail and banking.  Once content is delivered, it is cached for other agents on the local subnet.

Revolutionise OS and software distribution to remote branches

1E’s experience leading hundreds of global Windows migrations has enabled them to create a comprehensive toolset that makes deploying new operating systems as simple as deploying software. Nomad 2012, which consists of two components, Nomad Branch and PXE Everywhere, complements Microsoft’s Operating System Deployment (OSD) Feature Pack. This powerful solution is effective even in the largest, geographically dispersed organisations and should be included in any SCCM 2012 design to save both capital and operational costs.

Reduce servers

Nomad 2012 brings huge savings in terms of cost and effort by eliminating the need for secondary site servers. As only a few centrally located servers are needed, it is easier to implement and manage the SMS/ConfigMgr hierarchy in these environments. The solution can also integrate with non-Microsoft system management tooling. Hardware costs are reduced significantly, as well as management costs as the environment is simpler to maintain.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Seamless integration with Configuration Manager 2007 R3 and SCCM 2012 – Nomad 2012 integrates directly into the Configuration Manager Admin Console to enable Nomad Branch to be set as an alternate download Provider for Packages, Software Updates and Task Sequences.
  • Download Prioritization – Nomad 2012 supports the setting of the Configuration Manager download priority. This enables a critical download, such as a software update, to interrupt a large download, such as an OS image.
  • Progress Reporting – In Configuration Manager, Nomad 2012 supports the sending of status messages that report on Package download progress. The frequency of messages and the maximum messages allowed can be configured.
  • Extends branch cache functionality at remote branch offices

Benefits at glance:

sccm 2012 design

Multicast option for larger branch sites

If you want to scale to larger environments, for example 100s of machines, the Nomad 2012 Multicast option offers the solution. It uses multicast to distribute locally, serving all PCs at once, and reduces LAN traffic and the load on branch PCs. As multicast is limited to the local subnet, no network infrastructure changes are required.

Nomad applies a deterministic and statistical analysis to your data ensuring that business data never competes with IT data regardless of network hops, line speeds or configurations. Three million+ PCs are being patched faster than ever before, Nomad is very fast!

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